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Forgiveness frees the soul
Set your burdens and grudges adrift on the ocean of forgiveness

There is little to compare to the feeling of freedom!

Men have given their lives in the fight for freedom!

Yet it is ironical how they enslave themselves to grudges and hate and emotional burdens.

The effort required to forgive is not that difficult.

Your personal freedom from hurt caused by others and even by feelings you may have about yourself is a healing saviour.

By uncoupling these feelings you will experience a lightness of being, a relief deep within your soul that starts a beneficial chemical process in your body. The opposite of the poison that permeates a person suffering from the unhealthy weight of hate, revenge and hurt.

When someone hurts our feelings, they hurt our bodies as well, hurt is hurt and we allow that to fester and tear our bodies apart.


Forgiveness can cure many ills
Medical science confirms the health benefits of sincere forgiving...

Every informed person today is acutely aware of the ill effects of stress on our physiological makeup.