Hope springs eternal in the breast of man. Or "there's more to a doughnut than the hole"

The Dictionary says of Hope: "To look forward to with confidence or expectation"

Hope is one of the three pillar virtues in Christian teachings, namely: Faith, Hope & Love and for good reason, because it is a primary need of man. Almost everything we are motivated to do is coupled to hope!


Hope believes in better things and...
Silver linings to dark clouds is our anchoring rope to relief!

Imagine feeling ill and believing you will die?

There is a story of the man who accidently got locked in a refrigeration truck overnight, he believed that the cold would surely kill him, and he died. NOT from cold but from the belief of cold because the truck was not operational overnight and the temperature was normal. He could have survived but his lack of hope, his pessimistic outlook, killed him. Sad. Yet we could ask ourselves "what belief is killing me?" Do I have HOPE?

Hope is a survival mechanism within us all, but to benefit from it we need to have the right "pictures" in our minds. We need to write a positive script for our life's play. The power of having achievable goals cannot be overstated. With achievable goals we look forward to the progress made, it gives us a hope for the future, even if that is in small increments!

Make the most of today, for it is all you have, towards a positive goal in the future and your life starts to turn in the direction of purpose and hope. This is the fuel of the soul!


Health benefits of hope...
Optimism for optimum health

There are numerous studies which log the health benefits of hope...

We often take OUR health for granted... MISTAKE!

Generally speaking, it is only when you are sick that you give attention to your health, and perhaps that's the reason for you being ill in the first place.

Your health is your first priority, without which you are somewhat limited in how you can enjoy your life and be happy and bring happiness to others.

SO... it makes sense to develop HOPE!

How do we become more hopeful?