Love stands proudly on the pinnacle of the pyramid of all values.

The essence of love is all encompassing.

Love has been defined as all conquering, it brings strong men to their knees.

Love is kind and it is all the other values combined. Thus it sits as master and king over all virtues.

Before we continue to expound on this royal virtue, it is necessary to identify the love we are defining and the one that applies to this chapter.

Agape, eros, phyleo and storge are Greek terms explaining what types of love we experience.

Agape, which for the most part is the love discussed herein, is a principled love which we feel for others not related to us. This is a strong love based on respect and often on our relationship with God. It is a self-sacrificing love as demonstrated by those willing to die for others, although not direct family. A bodyguard of a President may give his life willingly to protect his leader. It is a profound sense of duty and responsibility.It can also be understood to be a benevolent love of neighbour, as in the case of helping strangers in an act or acts of kindness or philanthropy.

Eros is a romantic love shared by those devoted to each other, lovers, mostly between husband and wife.

Phyleo is a friendship love.

Storge is a family love shared by brothers, sisters and uncles etc.

OK, we do not want to spend endless time on the nuances of love but rather a crisp explanation so as to avoid confusion later in this report.

Effects of love
The beneficial effects of love are endless, here are some...

Love brings goodness, peace and serentiy to our surroundings. He who has love in his heart finds the good in himself and others, this then precludes him from causing harm.

Love seeks ways to express itself, people with this virtue, almost by compelling nature, spread layers of value within their circle of influence.

This character type is clearly an asset to society.

The more of this character we have the less crime and grime we have and conversely the more peace, security and prosperity we enjoy.


Love breaks the prison bonds of loneliness...
A little gem from the artist Vincent van Gogh

Do you know what makes the prison of loneliness and suspicion disappear? Every deep, genuine affection. Being friends, being brothers, loving, that is what opens the prison, with supreme power, by some magic force. Without these one stays dead. But wherever affection is revived, there life revives. - Vincent van Gogh