Teachers are our saviours, or perhaps we should qualify the statement by identifying the type of teacher who will step up to be counted as one of the "Sculptors" who will shape the character of the adults and leaders of the the future.

Children who spend the best part of each weekday in a classroom with a skilled teacher, a teacher who understands the critical part they play in creating excellent adults, are a privilged group of young people!

Society leans heavily on and is depending on the skilled teachers to not only educate their children, but to instil character as well.

The latter is mostly the responsibility of parents, however, with the fragmentation of the family today, we find that this task is rapidly moving to the next person who has the greatest influence on the character of the child namely the school teacher.

As if these stalwarts of our society haven't enough on their busy plates already, we now add yet another expected dimension to their day.

Yet, for those teachers who see the wisdom of setting a priority on the moral development of the child, this come as a blessing rather than a burden.

The only proviso being, they are given a methodology to follow, tools with which to get the job done efficiently.

That of course is the purpose of this site!

The resources beyond this media comprise books and PowerPoint presentations on CD as well as teachers manuals explaining word-for-word how to internalise all the critical moral values in their learners.

Time,of course, is a rare resource in schools, but this has been more than adequately catered for by a small manipulation in one day of the weeks lessons.

School Principals can "make" forty minutes available every Friday by shortening each of the 8 lessons normally held on this day by five minutes.

It is already in use.


Schools find a welcome relief in changes within many of their learners who are responding positively to the new moral values programme adopted...

Reports from around the country make interesting news...

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