Indeed, why should we want to learn or improve our values?

For the most part we sail through life busy with work, fun and home obligations.

Seldom in this natural state do we give attention to who we are.

Not what we are, many of us label ourselves by our chosen secular occupation namely a mechanic, programmer, librarian, doctor, teacher, engineer, or such other external activity by which we earn a living.

However, as I am sure you will agree, this is not you living but you earning a living.

Many of us make changes from one vocation to another, say from a policeman to a computer technician. This then would identify you differently but you remain the same "person"

So who you are is normally a constant, it is what defines you as a person. Are you serious? Lively? Caring? Angry? Deceitful? Loyal? Responsible? Creative?

Of course most of us are a little bit of each...but what is your DOMINANT feature or character, how do others see you?

According to the ancient study of peoples personality types we find they fit into nine categories which is succinctly explained in a book entitled "The 9 Dimensions of the Soul" by David Hey

This work shows we fit on a map known as an enneagram. If you would like a better explanation see www.9points.com/types.htm Nonetheless, whatever your personality category, YOU are a complex and wonderful person who retains values to a lesser or greater degree and by exercising these values you grow

However, let's stay in focus with the question at hand, namely why learn values?

"Virtues maketh the man/woman" is the maxim most suited to our discussion.

We all have intrinsic values built into our being, how these are diluted or suppressed or enhanced depend to a large degree on the environment in which we are raised.

If your environment was lacking in empathy and dominated by greed and harshness, you would find it difficult to be understanding and or sensitive to others needs. (general statement)

On the other hand, if your home life was permeated with love and kindness and good examples of caring, your paradigm would be more in favour of empathic sensivity.

Nonetheless, a high percentage of people are raised in dysfunctional families with strengths and weaknesses in abnormal proportions.

That leaves us with what? Where?

It leaves us with a choice!

We can choose to live our lives in sympathy with the past and succumb to "that's just the way I am" attitude, or we can decisively make an effort to improve our characters so as to enjoy a better life, a more rewarding life, one that gives us a sense of self-respect and dignity.

So why learn values?
Simply because you benefit every inch of the way!

You become a winner!

Everything you want in life is that much easier to attain!

Happiness is tied inextricably to the degree of moral value you possess!

The essence of being glows brightly in your favour!

Life mysteriously grants you success and prosperity!

Relationships tend to be that much more rewarding!

Advancement in secular circles is almost guaranteed!

Your value within your family and community is highly prized and respected!

The legacy you build will have far-reaching beneficial effects on all you encounter!

The satisfaction you enjoy with who you are is a constant source of encouragement!

The physical health which comes as a bonus is sweet and lasting!

You are SOMEBODY, not just another oxygen thief!

You contribute to society in meaningful ways!

You are a free person, not a slave to some past environmental excuse!

Your life is filled with meaning and purpose!


Let's look at some of the more obvious benefits as they would accrue to us the individual...


Here are just a few links to some reports on the benefits of being a person of value...


Now let's take a look at the extended benefits to our families...


And just when you thought it couldn't get better...

We begin to see the truth in the wisdom that says "strong families make strong communities which make strong nations"


Does this sound too good to be true?


What happens when you smile at a stranger and have something nice to say to them? Maybe in an elevator you greet a mom pushing her baby in a pram, is the effect a good one or a poor one? Now, multiply this nationally and guess what would happen? Use your imagination!

It is an opportunity for each of us to lift the nation! AND if the nation lifts in values EVERYONE, me and YOU, will benefit enormously.



NB: It follows then that as soon as we agree to make the effort to embrace and enjoy learning values, we will require a methodology, some practical means by which to train our character. Thankfully, this is available right here!

Start your journey by getting a better understanding of where you are currently and thereafter to take one gentle, rewarding step after the next.

SO...HOW DO WE INITIATE CHANGE? Click here...(a candid look in the mirror of our souls)